HISTORICALLY, restoratives were compounded or extracted from plant, mineral and animal sources found in nature. Hedron is assisting the return to the root of health in search of preventative methods with little or no side effects. With 20 years of studying human biology and medicine, using state-of-the-art equipment, we are committed to supporting insight and innovation within the herbal and nutraceutical community.

We inspire confidence in your manufacturing facility, retail outlet and products by providing insightful analysis. At Hedron we have developed more than 30 methods for active ingredient and marker identification. All of our methods have been validated by QA/QC protocol established by the Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC). In cases where methods have not yet been created for a particular compound, we will quickly develop new procedures for analyzing the requested material. Our services are fast, confidential and of the highest quality.

Manufacturers must know the correct amount of active herbal ingredients in each batch, tablet or capsule before a label can be honestly applied to the packaging. We provide quality assurance of raw and manufactured nutraceutical products, by measuring active fractions and markers present.

Each purchased lot of herbs should be visually and chemically identified as the desired plant as well as the correct botanical section in which the active constituent is present. The demand for effective herbal products is larger than ever before and concentrated preparations are ideally suited to create rapid physiological responses. Hedron uses the most modern equipment for proper expedient identification and standardization of batch concentrates. 

Hedron's staff has recognized competence in analyzing for compounds present in dairy, foods, additives and all water/fat soluble vitamins plus more novel nutraceuticals. Comprehensive hair analysis for personal, nutritional and health diagnosis is also available. Hedron is constantly developing new methodologies as compounds are recognized for their potential health benefits.

Hedron accurately quantifies all of the known Pesticides, Herbicides and Fungicides regulated by Agriculture Canada. Further knowledge of Crown and Private land and water quality is provided by conducting tests for Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbons (EPH) and Volatile Petroleum Hydrocarbon (VPH) of both light and heavy chain molecules in a contaminated matrix.

Our microbiologists provide complete microbial profiles for raw and finished products needed to confidently introduce products to market

Consistent with our hi level quality control, this department has consistently been placed in the top 5-10% of CAEAL participating laboratories. Several novel techniques of analysis have been developed that are recognized by the National Research Council of Canada and awarded support from the Federal Government.

Hedron provides a unique service by conducting research trials which can dramatically increase the market value of a desired product. This is done by generating statistically sound scientific data to obtain the effect of specific nutraceutical products.
Hedron provides a unique service by conducting research trials for clients who are interested in observing how effective active ingredients and herbs are, which relates to uses within the health and longevity industry. Our in-house R&D interest is strongly focused in this direction.

Our expertise in the area of processes, product development, reformulation, manufacturing and quality certification is available as an extension of our facility. Hedron can provide training for ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 software.


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